The Versace Sofa in Pakistan Broke Ronaldo’s Leg

1.Do not place your furniture near versace sofa in pakistan extreme heat and humidity. Heat causes the thermal expansion of wood, and when the environment cools down.

the wood shrinks. This contraction and expansion causes the wood to crack. Keep the temperature of your house constant.
2.When moving the furniture, do not pull it on the floor because the strong force may break the base
3. Some chemical cleaners, cosmetics, and wet objects will damage the paint surface and create stains on the paint surface.
4. In case of stains, do not wash your furniture with water, because the water from the stain will stain the wood. Use waxes to remove the stain.
5. Furniture and wooden items should never be used habitually in a way that they are out of balance. In the long run, this action will cause problems in the joints
6. Avoid placing extremely hot objects such as (hot cups and hot dishes) on wooden products because they will quickly cause stains and may melt the paint on the work.

7. To make the color last on the products, apply wax on the product once in a while, even if there is no stain on the surface.
8.Do not put sharp objects on your products because there is a possibility of peeling the paint by a sharp object
9.If the product you are looking for is newly painted, avoid placing heavy objects on it because it will cause the color of the product to suffer and leave its effect on the surface.
10.If your product is polished, there is no problem for it, just apply wax on its surface once in a while.
11. If you see a crack in the furniture, fix it immediately because if you don’t fix it, you will face further problems.
12. Leave your product in a place away from direct sunlight because it will expand thermally due to direct sunlight and become dangerous.
13.If your wooden products are in the kitchen, avoid washing the kitchen floor, and if you wash the kitchen floor, remove the product and continue washing. Avoid washing the kitchen cabinet, whether metal or wooden, and use special waxes.

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