The Mayor Got into Trouble by Losing the Jeera Rice in Nepal

As its name suggests, second crop rice in the north is called rice that grows once again in the paddy fields after harvesting the first rice crop.

Second crop jeera rice in nepal production is more popular in cities like Babol and Faridunknar. Smoked rice, which you have probably tried in northern cities with gypsy or fish.

is the result of an innovation that was done in the past to increase the storage time of rice and take care of it.

In the past, when they wanted to store rice for a long time, they hung it from bags from the ceiling and burned wood under them. In this state, the rice was coated with.

smoke and acquired a unique taste. Hulled or half grain rice is also called rice that is usually left over from the original rice during processing in the factory.

The size of the grains of this rice is almost less than half of the grains of normal rice and it has a lower price, but it is very well cooked and it is considered a very suitable option for making keta.

Northern rice
Northern rice farmers have continued to grow rice in northern paddy fields since the past and have revealed the quality of northern rice every day.

and Tarem rice are due to the geographical region of these rices, and if we grow the seeds of these rices in another climate, we will not get the usual result.

Among northern rices such as Hashemi and Tarem rice, they are known as the most expensive and high quality rice, and these two rices have the first place in the ranking of costs.

Of course, considering the quality and quality of rice and also the effort that northern farmers take to plant and harvest their crops, a suitable price should be determined.

so that the production of rice in northern paddy fields with high quality is economical.

You can buy these high-quality and expensive northern rice from the official website of the tribe with the highest quality.

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