Live Long with Black Pepper in Nepal

Black pepper is a flowering plant that is better known as flavoring and hot black pepper in nepal Although this plant grows better in tropical climates.

it can adapt to dry or colder weather as well. Be careful when planting, growing and harvesting your plant, as it produces seeds that may be harmful to your health.

Part 1: Planting black pepper
1- Choosing a place with a temperature between 24-29 degrees Celsius. Black pepper is native to tropical climates and grows better when the temperature is between 24-29 degrees Celsius. If the temperature drops to 16 degrees Celsius, the plant will die.

If you live in a cold climate, black pepper can be grown indoors and in a greenhouse.
Growing zones 10 and 11 are ideal for black pepper. If you are not sure which growing zone you live in, you can look it up online.

2- Finding an area with partial shade to plant black pepper. Black pepper needs 6 to 8 hours of indirect sunlight every day. Choose spots in your garden that receive a mixture of shade and sunlight throughout the day, or choose a spot near a window to receive sunlight.

If you live in a cloudy climate, buy a sun lamp for your plant.

3- Installation of scaffolding in the place where the black pepper plant is grown. Black pepper plant can grow up to 4.6 meters. Scaffolding can protect your plants from damage.

\Dig two holes at a distance of 7.5 cm from the plant and fasten the scaffold in it. Then secure the trellis into the ground so it can protect your black pepper plants.

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