Finding 1 Kg Turmeric in India in the Swamp

Turmeric is a spice that is related to the ginger family. The scientific name of this native plant of India is Curcuma longa.

Since the color of 1 kg turmeric in india is yellow and orange, it is known as Indian saffron. The turmeric plant needs special environmental conditions and heat to grow.

and therefore it will not be possible to grow turmeric in every region. Throughout history, this spice has also been used for textiles.
The smell of turmeric is similar to the smell of mustard, but with a warm bitterness that resembles pepper.
You can use turmeric spice in many dishes such as soup.

meat dishes, sauces, feeds, chicken and biscuits.

The properties of turmeric are outstanding among medicinal plants due to the presence of a miraculous substance called kokumin and it has many medical uses.

Keeping turmeric:
To store turmeric powder, you should put it in a closed container and place it in a dry and cool environment and protect it from direct sunlight. Excessive heat can cause the aromatic.

essential oil of turmeric to spread, and being exposed to the open air also causes the taste and smell of turmeric to disappear.

When the properties of turmeric turn your skin from one side to the other
Properties of turmeric for skin

Do not underestimate the properties of turmeric for the skin, we have reviewed each of these properties below:

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