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Apple is one of the most important garden products of the country. The apple tree has different species and is considered a fruitful tree blue apple fruit is used for fresh eating, compote, jam, etc.

Apple tree needs sunlight, proper temperature, proper soil, fertilizer and irrigation to grow.

The apple fruit is round, spherical and fleshy, which is available in different colors of red, yellow, black, green, etc.History of the apple tree
Apple is one of the fruits that have been used since ancient times and even prehistoric times. The oldest works found in excavations near Switzerland is a fossilized apple from prehistoric times.

In all cool climates, apples have been a very important food. Apples can be stored for months while still maintaining their nutritional value.

The full plant characteristics of the apple tree:

Apple tree cultivation, apple tree irrigation, apple tree picture
There are different types of apple trees

There are different types of apple trees and more than 7500 types of apple trees have been identified so far. Among the most famous types of apples, we can mention the varieties of golden apple, Maknitash apple, red apple, emperor apple, etc.

Some types of apples are sweet and others have a relatively sour taste in which there are several apple seeds in the center.

The apple tree is suitable for cold and cool climates and does not bloom in hot climates.

The calyx of the apple tree is fluffy and has oval petals. The flowers of the apple tree are white and red and have several petals, which create a beautiful view in the spring when they bloom.

These beautiful flowers and blossoms eventually turn into apple fruit.

Its branches are bladeless and have simple, leather-like, green leaves with fine grooves and sharp edges and a short, egg-shaped tip.

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