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buy best dates from wholesalers

How many dates should you eat a day?

How many dates should you eat a day? People with anemia and various diseases of physical weakness can put dates in their weekly, daily and monthly diet and consume a number of dates every day to eliminate the problems of anemia and their imitation weakness because people eat one date a day. They can cure all the nutritional deficiencies and minerals in their body and replace them quickly, so dates are a great and first-class snack for humans that gives them good energy.

In answer to the question of how many dates each person should eat per day for the health of the body and strengthening the immune system, we must say that each person can consume a different number of dates depending on his physical problems, usually eating 3-4. Dates can provide calories and energy for daily activities.

Dates have a lot of vitamins and calories, the vitamins of which can keep you very safe and protective in the cold season, and in fact, anyone can eat dates in the tropical seasons and in the cold seasons of the year can protect against any disease and Do not suffer from any disease or problem in the body because his nutritional and physical deficiencies have been eliminated with dates and in traditional medicine and medical science, eating dates is highly recommended because it is very strong and brings good effects for you.

Many doctors and those who work in traditional medicine and people recommend that you eat dates in a balanced way and be sure to include it in your diet and use it in juices, desserts and very tasty and tasty foods. Make it and it must be desired in a week or in us to have a stronger and healthier body.

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