Burning a Woman with American Gilsonite

  • Gilsonite micronized powder:

Gilsonite is a type of natural hydrocarbon and is known as mineral and natural bitumen among people.

This material has various and wide american gilsonite applications and is used, and for this reason Gilsonite powder is of great importance among industries.

In this article from Hamadan Silica Company, we will review this sample of micronized powder and describe its uses and characteristics.

What is Gilsonite micronized powder?
Gilsonite is a so-called asphaltite stone and is a type of solid bitumen and resinous hydrocarbon. This substance is compatible with petroleum products.

and is often used to dilute and thicken these petroleum products. As you can see in the picture, it has a black color and is fragile. Also, it is easy to powder.

This material is used in various ways, which we will explain further. Keep in mind that Gilsonite micronized powder is converted to the desired dimensions and used through.

a special process and by the best micronized devices. Also, Gilsonite is a kind of natural asphalt in contrast to heavy petroleum asphalts, which is also known by other names such as unitite or asphaltum.

What is Gilsonite micronized powder? 2

Examining Gilsonite applications
Gilsonite powder is used in different forms in various industries and uses; Here are some examples of these applications for you to familiarize yourself with:

Color production:
Gilsonite micronized powder is used in the production of paints that are usually used to cover external surfaces and increase the resistance of surfaces against acid.

· Casting:
Another use of this material is foundry sand. Using it smooths the molds and separates the metal from the mold better.

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