Build a Traditional Library Using Interlock Bricks in Kottayam

In this article interlock bricks in kottayam we teach you all the details of standard and quality brick identification and testing. After reading the article.

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Brick is one of the oldest building materials, which is still one of the prominent and leading building materials due to its low cost, wide availability, durability and ease of use.

Standard and quality bricks are widely used in construction due to their sufficient strength, durability, availability and low cost, they can be made in.

desired shape and size. Commonly used bricks are clay bricks, which are used to build internal and external walls, piers, partitions, foundations and other load bearing structures.

R. Berry’s theory about quality bricks (author of the book Construction of Buildings):
According to R. Berry (author of Building Construction), the word “brick” is used to describe a small block of clay. This burnt (baked) clay is called standard and quality brick.

It is large enough to hold in one hand and is slightly longer than twice its width. Standard clay bricks of normal burnt quality are usually pleasant.

They appear in warm colors from cream to orange and from sandy to brown or even blue-brown. Therefore, although each brick is simple in shape, it has its own characteristic.

What are the characteristics of quality bricks?
Good quality bricks should have physical and chemical properties. Bricks used for construction purposes should show good characteristics.

Otherwise, the safety and usability of the structure and facade will be jeopardized. The quality of brick may vary depending on the raw materials used and also in its production

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