best dates for sale

best dates sale Colonization (other dates) is another honor of our collection in the field of trade with other countries. Introducing other packaged dates to European countries, including Russia, has been able to bring a lot of export profits for the country.

best dates for sale

Which is the best dates to buy?

Which is the best dates to buy? Shadegan is one of the areas under cultivation of organic dates. This region is one of the major production centers of other dates with more than 57,000 hectares of groves. According to the director of Jihad Keshavarzi in Khuzestan province, more than 100,000 tons of dates have been harvested from the Shadegan region this year, although floods in these areas have caused the destruction of some crops. Producers and residents of Shadegan also know the dates by other names, Cambron, Samran. Most packaging workshops here traditionally clean and sort dates.

Some workshops have been able to prepare dates for export more quickly and hygienically by upgrading their packaging system with mechanized machines. Dates are among the agricultural products that many factors affect their price. Including the supply and demand and the quality of the harvested dates, which according to the annual production, the costs of preparation and packaging of dates are usually estimated.

The daily price of dates is determined based on the pound and the type of packaging and the number of customer orders. To receive the price list of dates and place an order, you can contact the collection sales experts so that after reviewing the orders, a pre-invoice will be issued to you.

best dates sales centers

best dates sales centers Did you know that Iran is the second center of date production in the world and millions of tons of different date varieties are produced and harvested annually? The hot and dry climate in most parts of the south and west of the country is prone to the growth of many groves and dates are grown in these areas.

Hundreds of thousands of tons of fresh and fresh dates are exported annually to neighboring countries and other world markets. Iran has been able to be one of the competitors of export dates in the world. Few people do not know the dates and organic dates or are not consumers of these dates! Bam dates are another popular export variety in Iran, the first-grade cultivar of which is cultivated and harvested in the Bam region of Kerman province.

Millions of these dates are exported annually to Turkey, Russia, India, Iraq, Armenia, Afghanistan and many American and European countries. Dates are usually in packages of 600 to 800 grams with 12 pieces in a carton. You can buy dates online. The price of this date is determined based on its appearance and weight, and it fluctuates a lot during the two periods of Nowruz and Ramadan.

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