A Spider Came Out of the Middle of the Half Kg Cake Normal

Maybe you are tired of the high half kg cake normal prices of confectionery cakes, their heavy cream, the repetitive taste of cakes, etc. In this article, we will teach you how to make a birthday cake.

at home and change the amount of cream, chocolate and other ingredients according to your taste. In general, the main base of homemade birthday.

cakes is sponge cake, but for diversity, we will also teach the basic types of birthday cakes such as brownies, cheesecakes and fondant.

After deciding on the base of the birthday cake, it’s time for decorations. Because the topic of homemade birthday cake decorations is very long, we have explained it in a separate article.

Quarantine days have created a challenge for all of us to achieve self sufficiency in the field of cooking and baking.

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During this period, according to the prevailing conditions, it has happened that a family member’s birthday is celebrated and we have had trouble preparing a cake.

This is where we feel the need to learn how to prepare a delicious and healthy cake with a beautiful decoration to surprise our loved ones. So, to prepare.

a special birthday cake at home, follow us step by step so that you will be surprised by the delicious taste of your homemade birthday cake!

1- First, cook the sponge cake that we have already taught the recipe for, and let the cake cool completely (it is better to bake the cake a day before creaming).

2- Take out the pastry cream that has been stored in the freezer half an hour before starting the work so that it softens a little during the creaming and it is time to shape it.

The cream should not have ice pieces at all because the frozen parts will melt during shaping and you will not have quality cream and even after shaping it will cause the cream to loosen.

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