A Quartz Stone Bricks Fell on the Head of the Former Mayor of the Netherlands

Pink quartz stone bricks with the chemical composition of SiO2 is a group of minerals and a type of quartz mineral. This gem was originally found in Brazil.

and comes in very light pink to medium dark pink colors. In terms of calistography, it is hexagonal and prismatic, non-pyramidal, pseudocubic.

This stone has a refractive index: 1.544 to 1.553, specific gravity: 2.66, hardness: 7.

In relation to the discussion of fracture, it has shelly, chipped and uneven state and is aggregated in total. Its dispersion is 0.013. The luminescence of rose quartz.

is negligible to weak, full purple in color, and X-rays produce only a faint blue glow. The type of luminescence is fluorescent dyes.

ultraviolet rays, X-rays. Its treatment processes are also related to radiation, color change, apparent clarity or improving the durability of the gem.

Rose quartz is included in the category of semi-precious stones.

The history and meaning of rose quartz
It has a faint pink color, which makes it look like a pink rose. This stone has been noticed for a long time and it is known as the stone of love and affection since ancient times.

This stone was first discovered in Brazil and its origin is pegmatite

Rose quartz crystals
This group of quartzes does not have a clear boundary during formation and their boundaries are intertwined.

This is the reason that this type of quartz does not have a crystalline structure, and when you show it to people who are not familiar with it.

they claim that this quartz is unnatural. This is despite the fact that it is not only natural but also a special type of this stone under the name of rose quartz.

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