A Mario Bellini Sofa that was Found in the Forests of Golestan

In this article, we are going to introduce you to different types of furniture. Sofa is one of the furniture in people’s homes these days, which is not only used for living.

but also used for mario bellini sofa design and decoration. In the past, furniture was only designed and produced in a uniform model; While today there are different types of it in the market.

In this article on the Technical Show website, we will discuss the types of comfortable furniture, types of classic furniture, and types of furniture models. Stay with us.

Types of classic furniture
In the Iranian furniture market, there are various types of classic furniture with different shapes and images. Perhaps it is safe to say that the oldest model of sofa in the market is classic.

Classic furniture is one of the heavy sofas, which generally has a stylish and classy appearance. These sofas are not old yet due to the role that is on them.

and today most people use them. All types of classic furniture are decorated and designed with wood and various fabrics.

All kinds of furniture in comfortable and modern styles
Perhaps the opposite of the classic sofa is a variety of comfortable furniture with a modern style that is designed and made with today’s lifestyle. The modern sofa has simple components compared to the classic one.

One of the interesting points about the modern sofa is that it has a simple and less crowded design. On the other hand, this sofa is not very heavy and has a light weight and can be easily moved.

All kinds of modern comfortable furniture are among the most suitable sofas for apartments and today’s lifestyle. There is a huge difference between comfortable furniture and classic furniture.

Names of types of furniture, types of furniture, types of comfortable furniture,

All kinds of furniture with leather fabric
This type of sofa can be used in any building and has many fans today. All kinds of leather furniture, as the name suggests; Its fabric is leather. Leather furniture has advantages compared.

to other sofas, for example, leather furniture suffers less depreciation than others, and its resistance and lifespan are higher. Therefore, for those who have children at home or want to use the same.

sofa model for several years. Leather furniture is the best option. You can use it in all kinds of comfortable leather furniture for 10 years or more.

Types of chaise lounge sofas
One of the types of furniture that has a special and unique design is the chaise longue sofa. This type, which is also a type of classic sofa, is highly favored by designers in interior decoration.

This sofa model has a royal symbol and state and will have a lot of prestige. The chaise lounge sofa is made as a single piece and has an arched handle.

Of course, this type of sofa is single and is generally not used for rest and complete sofa and is placed as a combination in the home. There are different types of chaise longue sofas that exist only in different designs and its choice is very tasteful.

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