A Butter Cookies in Bangalore Caused the Death of a Child

Unibase Sugar Free butter cookies in bangalore These crispy cookies with butter flavor are very delicious. This cookie has a biscuit structure that makes choosing this cookie.

more enjoyable. Choosing a sugar free biscuit can be a suitable snack for diabetics and people on a low-calorie diet. This product is made in India.

UNIBIS is suitable for people who have a sugar free diet, suitable for diabetic patients. And these people can use these products as a delicious snack with long term satiety.

The ingredients in this product include: wheat flour, sweetener (maltitol 965), vegetable oil (palm, TBHQ319), increasing agents (ammonium bicarbonate 503 ii, sodium bicarbonate 500 ii), acidity 2.

vegetable acidity 2, vegetable acidity 2, regulator (citric acid 330), food coloring (110), flavoring.

Allergen recommendation:

Contains wheat and soy gluten. Built on equipment that also processes peanuts, eggs, sesame, milk, tree nuts and grains. Overdose may cause laxative effects.

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